Ghajini, Should you watch?

I didn’t write it when I had my eyes wet by the screams of that poor child of Black and when I was pulling my hairs out for 170 minutes of Kisna and when optimism flowed thro’ my veins seeing Gandhigiri in Lago Raho Munna Bhai, there was something so compelling about this movie that after watching it for over three hours, first thing I want to do is to write about it. In one word, it was Flawless. It has the right balance between action and drama, between love and hate, between suspense and revelation, between humor and serious and the perfectionism to take everything to the extreme but stop right before it becomes too much to handle.

Movie starts with violence and takes you to flashback at times and keep you bound to the seat for the entire show. Amir did an excellent justice with both negative and positive images. He brings back the memories of the angry young man in some scenes. Armada of shiny black BMWs and Mercedese Benz and private jet was pleasing. Asin, probably the only indian actress who blogs in french, looked very fresh and was able to inject good humor into the movie by her innocence. There are some minor gaps but it would be mean on my part to nit pick those and in bigger scheme of things could/should be ignored. All in all, good value for money and a must watch. One thing to keep in mind, if you have toddlers, you may want to leave them home as violence gets little overboard for the young brains.

And what still remains debatable is that in a society which is struggling to inculcate values in our teenager and morals in our youth, where its “OK” to take shortcuts for quick convenience, will it help or hurt, to show that the cost of doing something “right” could be so catastrophic.


~ by sxm20 on January 3, 2009.

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