And I delivered twins

Two days in severe pain, so severe that I couldn’t keep track of the gap between contractions. It was suffering, utter suffering, something that a man can never imagine. Saturday morning it became unbearable but I was brave and to display the ultimate bravery, I drove myself to the doctors office. There was saliva all around as if the water bag busted and the tongue was trying to touch it to calm it down but the excruciating pain took over all the soothing endeavors. Doctor quickly took some X-Rays and examined the situation. “You have two options”,she said, “either start all over or get it out right now”. First option didn’t make sense, after all who would want to start all over after so much of suffering. I opted for option2.

She called her team. Everyone was staring at me. Situation seemed to be a bit more tricky then normal. Although they were all very experienced but still very cautious and worried and were discussing it over and over. After sometime, the technical details were discussed with me. The issue was that it was stuck in a curved position and pulling out would cause enormous pain. Also, because of severe infection in the roots, anesthesia might not work. After understanding the details, I still decided to go ahead. They made me sign the consent form. Operation lasted for over two hours. The team got so exhausted that they had to take a break to catch their breath. After break, they decided to divide it in two and pull one by one out. There was blood all over the place. They had to cut the passage to make the removal easy which they had to stitch afterward. It was very painful even after plenty of anesthesia.

Finally my wisdom tooth was out in two pieces. This is the closest I will ever get to delivering a baby.

Photos: coming soon


~ by sxm20 on November 10, 2008.

2 Responses to “And I delivered twins”

  1. hi bhaiya… i cant believe u wrote this… the style is good.. but still i caught u when u talked abt infection in roots!!! untill that time i was wondering what s happening.. 🙂

  2. Jeezus man – that sucks!

    Happy Dipwalli

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