Aryan has been learning new vocabulary and picking up words faster then we can find out where he picked it up from. He is totally becoming bilingual and seems to understand both languages (English and Hindi) well. Sometimes we feel that he picks up Hindi faster then English but often times he proves us wrong. There is a post on his blog about his Hinglish duet words.  Its amazing to notice how his initial pronounciation of new words changes over time. He loves icecream since the day he was introduced to it. It was eykimme which became ikkeem and finally settled with ifeceem (god knows how he managed to replace c with f).

Aryan has a bug bunny in big car which he considers very lazy and is always sleepy. So as soon as he gets into the car, he tries to wake him up saying “bunny, utho utho”. I used to wake Aryan up saying “getup Aryan”. One day I noticed he was waking up bunny “Gaput bunny”.


~ by sxm20 on October 29, 2008.

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