Why did I switch to Safari and then back to Mozilla

Few months ago, when Apple released the Safari 3.1, I decided to switch to safari, “The world’s best browser”, as my primary browser for following reason.

1. Performance: Apple’s claimed that the new version is way better then its predecessors

Safari HTML performanceSafari Java Script Performance

2. UI: I still love Safari’s HTML rendering.
3. Re sizable Textarea: Very useful in editing wiki and basecamp
4. Low memory footprint.
5. Afterall its from Apple

After trying for over six weeks, I am finally coming back to Mozilla
1. Crashes frequently in debug sessions
2. Dies pretty badly (Hangs for a while, needs a force quit).
3. No log of previously open tabs even on crash.
4. Poor plugin support
5. A large number of sites still dont support Safari

Browser switching turned out to be a bigger deal then I imagined. It impacted my productivity and satisfaction levels. I wanted to try Camino but I guess I will wait for some time till this pain heals up. Feel free to share your experiences.


~ by sxm20 on May 15, 2008.

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