Zephyr in initRIA

We came to know about initria quite late but still Ravi managed to fly to Banglore and attend the event. Event was full and no seats were left. Luckily Ravi got a seat when Mrinal added 15 more seats and finally managed to attend. As we were too late, we didnt have lot of time for planning. We didnt have any printed material or banners etc. We essentially had Saturday to prepare for it. We printed some pamphlet and got few tshirts done.

The attendance turned out to be less then expected but all in all it was a great show. Certainly great for its being the first in India. Apart from Zephyr, some of the companies to show their products were liveDocuments by InstaColl. Although, we couldn’t get pre-confirmation for speaking, Ravi managed to steal a session 20 min towards the end of conference and showed everyone a quick little demo. Here is what Abdul captured in the conference.

Zephyr test execution rate live chart

Zephyr Project Dashboard

~ by sxm20 on December 16, 2007.

2 Responses to “Zephyr in initRIA”

  1. […] an event possible.  Abdul had clicked some photograph, get them here. Read more about this event here and […]

  2. […] 5:55 pm: Ravi demoed Zephyr, which is test management system built in Flex, you can get more details of his presentation here […]

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