BlazeDS: What is Adobe really giving for free

Yesterday’s announcement from Adobe of releasing a community version of LiveCycleDataService (popularly known as LCDS), under code name of BlazeDS (currently in labs, will be released early next year) got tonnes of press. So what does this really offer to the community of java and flash/flex developers.

  1. AMF protocol specifications
  2. Java remoting (being able to marshal java object into ActionScript and vice versa)
  3. Http based publish and subscribe.

Last point is what I really want to emphasize on. Its not the true server push technology (which is the unique offering of LCDS [amf over RTMP]) that Adobe is giving for free. Its really the channel which RTMP and RTMP tunnling falls back on in case client is not able to connect over RTMP protocol and also popularly know as reverse AJAX or comet.

~ by sxm20 on December 13, 2007.

One Response to “BlazeDS: What is Adobe really giving for free”

  1. Are you suggesting BlazeDS has full comet support?

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