Candy for Appfuse, ROR, Flex

candy for appfuseAppfuse

I have been a huge fan of appfuse. For those who dont know appfuse, its a conglomeration of set of open source libraries to kick start your J2EE web app with emphasis on testablity, right choice and version of libraries (jars), automated build and whole set of development tools to get your dev team from 0-60 in almost no time.

Appfuse 2.0 made the deal even sweeter by making it completely maven based (of course they took away my fav. code generation but it a good trade off, and code gen will be back soon). So essentially appfuse makes your life really easy to start of a green project. Candy4Appfuse takes it even one step further and provide whole bunch of tools for eclipse to integrate with appfuse and make it easier to create and setup project based on appfuse. Kudos to both the team, great job.

Appfuse (and candy for it) are good for J2EE projects which I have extensively used in my previous life. I have now jumped on to the Enterprise 2.0 wagon and hence working on Flex and ROR. I have offered to MattR a flex client for Appfuse but its going to be a challenge to package it with appfuse (given all the dependencies that Flex has on SDK and env etc).

~ by sxm20 on April 11, 2007.

3 Responses to “Candy for Appfuse, ROR, Flex”

  1. Getting all the JARs required for Flex from a Maven repository can be difficult. You could just have a lib directory with all your JARs and use a script to run a bunch of “mvn install” commands to populate the local repo. I’d be happy to run this on AppFuse’s repo and install them there if that makes anything easier.

  2. Alternatively, there could just be a property(s) in the pom which point to user’s local installation of Flex SDK which is required by Flex’s command line compiler. I am currently using ant based compiler. It will be nice to have a maven plugin for that. I am not very familiar with writing maven plugin but I can try.

    When do you think we can add flex client in appfuse? Actual code development for the client wouldnt be a big deal. Integrating with back end will be easier once we have XFire plugged in (M5 I guess?).

    I am just worried about the environmental dependencies imposed by Flex SDK being an installed software (as supposed to just a set of jars)

  3. I am currently experimenting with AppFuse 2.0 RC1, Granite DS and the flex ant tasks called by the maven-antrun-plugin, the local Flex SDK is referenced through the FLEX_HOME environment variable

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